Top 10 treatments for vitiligo


6. Drink Water Stored In Copper Vessel

One of the effective home remedy for vitiligo that does take a lot of time to show visible results is regular drinking of water that is stored in a copper vessel. • If you are suffering from vitiligo symptoms, then make sure that you only drink water stored in a copper utensil. • You need to store water in this utensil for longer periods of times that water imbibes all the necessary minerals from the copper vessel. • This will help in increasing the production of melanin in your body and your skin will show reduced whiteness. • This does not show instant results and you need to practice this for quite a long time to see effective results on your skin.

7. Radish Seeds

Radish seeds are found to be effective in the regeneration of melanin in human skin. • Crush about 50 grams of radish seeds into a fine powder and mix it with about 50 to 60 ml of vinegar to make a thick smooth paste. • Apply this radish seed powder paste on the affected areas of the skin every day. • Leave it there for 15 minutes and wash it off. • Repeat this for six months and you will see skin darkening over the white patches.

8. Psoralen Seeds

Psoralen herb is known to be an effective herb for vitiligo home remedies. You can use the seeds of this herb to treat vitiligo problems. • Soak about 25 grams of tamarind and about 2 teaspoons of Psoralen seeds in water for a minimum of 4 days. Dry them and then grind it into a coarse paste with the same water. • Apply this paste on the white patches every day for a month. Leave it there for 20 minutes and then wash it off. • Repeat daily once or twice to see a reduction in the white patches on the skin.

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