6 Steps to Emotional Healing after Narcissistic Abuse

  • Make sure you’ve implemented No Contact in its true form

Many victims of Narcissistic abuse prolong their suffering by leaving a window open in the event their toxic Ex decides to reach out. Across the forums and chat rooms, countless victims describe how they’ve been “No Contact” for such-and-such amount of time, but then receive a call or email from their Ex.  If the Narcissist has a way in, then No Contact hasn’t been properly executed.  This is the primary cause of not being able to heal, because as long as your abuser has a way in, true healing cannot take place.  Once the Narcissist successfully reaches out and provokes a response, you’re back in the thick of the abuse.  (If children are involved, a very strict plan for modified contact should be legally documented, entered, and enforced).

Remember, narcissists are smug in their belief that you will surrender to their manipulations.  Not going No Contact only strengthens their feelings of entitlement and perceived power.

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