10 Unusual Warning Signs of Disease

Splinter hemorrhages: They look like thin red splinters running lengthwise under fingernails and could be caused by endocarditis, a bacterial infection of the heart valves. “You wouldn’t think that someone looking at fingernails could detect what could be a significant heart problem,” Brodell tells Newsmax Health.

Rash on eyelids: This violet-hued rash is a symptom of dermatomyositis, an inflammatory muscle disease that is associated with various forms of cancer, most commonly ovarian. Other symptoms include raised scaly bumps on knuckles and ragged cuticles that separate from the nail.

Skin discoloration: The most common is jaundice, a yellowing of the skin that is a classic symptom of hepatitis and other liver conditions. Less known is a darkening of the skin in creases and old scars that may indicate an adrenal gland problem, such as Addison’s disease.

Tender nodules on shins: A condition called erythema nodosum is marked by red swollen bumps on the front of the legs. Brodell says that while they are sometimes a reaction to medications or oral contraceptives, they could also be a warning of the inflammatory pulmonary disease sarcoidosis.

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