10 Unusual Warning Signs of Disease

Persistent hiccups: For most of us, this spasm of the diaphragm is an annoying but harmless problem. But when hiccups last two days or more, they could be an early warning sign of deadly esophageal cancer.

Shoplifting: If your elderly mom or dad starts getting sticky fingers, it could be a sign of a certain type of dementia. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Neurology details how people with frontotemporal dementia lose their sense of societal conventions and may take items in shops without paying for them.

Color blindness: The inability to distinguish between different hues is a sign of Parkinson’s disease. Other odd symptoms of the neurological disorder are writing smaller and swimming in circles.

Earlobe wrinkle: A diagonal crease in one or both earlobes has long been linked to heart disease. Also called “Frank’s sign” after Dr. Sanders T. Frank, the physician who first made the association, this odd symptom has been supported in several studies, though no one has yet to figure out why.

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