How to Have a Lasting Relationship that Stays Romantic and Passionate

Compromise does not happen when one person in a relationship is a narcissist and only is concerned about his or her own well-being. By “narcissist” I don’t mean a person with diagnosable Narcissistic Personality Disorder; I am referring to a person who first and foremost thinks about his or her own short-term needs and wants, and who is not willing to give, roughly,  50 percent in a relationship, romantic or otherwise.

Granted, one should be careful not to judge a person too quickly.

Communication failures can lead to an uneven balance in a relationship. If you never express your needs, your partner does not have a fair chance at satisfying them. It should be evident that such compromising behavior is mandatory for healthy long-term romantic relationships. If it is not happening in your relationship, one of you may have an inflated sense of entitlement and a disregard for the feelings of others—factors that could lead to a split.

If, however, the lack of compromise is grounded in a lack of communication, then it may be possible to resolve the conflicts and understand how to have a lasting relationship. If you have decent communication and negotiation skills, you should be able to settle (and change) these issues through conversation. But if, even with efforts at communication, you continually find that you need to give in, and you find yourself in a situation where you give and give without receiving, then it is most likely time to rethink your relationship.

Being able and willing to make compromises and negotiate mutually satisfying relationship behaviors and attitudes requires a mindset that is not self-centered and is not characterized by a sense of entitlement. It requires understanding that you need not dispose of or hand over your personal autonomy in order for you to respect and appreciate your partner and meet his or her emotional needs.

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