The Ins and Outs of Ketogenic Dieting

This process typically takes about 72 hours. Next, the body will start to break down fat and protein for energy in lieu of carbohydrates—this can assist in losing weight. This state of using fats instead of carbohydrates for the body’s predominant energy source is called “ketosis.”

A ketogenic diet may help some people lose more weight in the first three to six months of heavy dieting than many other types of diets. This may be because it takes more calories to change fat into energy than it does to change carbohydrates into energy. It’s also possible a high-fat, moderate-protein diet makes you feel more satisfied and full, so you eat fewer calories, but that hasn’t been conclusively proven yet and more research is clearly needed.

When people talk about ketogenic dieting, a term than gets thrown around a lot is “macros.” The term macros is short for macronutrients, which are the energy-providing components of the food you eat that fuels your body. Macronutrients include carbohydrate, protein, and fat—basically, the stuff where all dietary calories come from.

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