25 Ways to Eat Well and Stay Healthy on the Gluten-Free Diet

7. Shop around.

Check out all your local supermarkets, health food stores or other shops that sell food. Gluten-free foods are getting more shelf space in supermarkets every day. You’ll probably go through some trial and error before you figure out the best places to shop locally. At the same time, continue surfing the Internet to discover new sources of gluten-free products. At this point, you will probably be amazed by how many gluten-free products there are. These days you can find a gluten-free version of almost anything.

You’ll find many individual companies that sell a wide variety of gluten-free food or order though giants like Amazon.com. Amazon can be very economical when you buy in bulk. So if you have storage space at home, check what’s available there.

8. Develop supermarket savvy.

Learn to navigate the supermarket. At first you’ll probably spend double or triple the time you used to spend on each shopping trip. That’s because you have to read every label every time you shop and at first, you won’t be familiar with many of the ingredients.

Don’t try to figure out everything at once. Select one or two items you would like to be able to eat and check them out. Almost all food processors have 800 numbers listed on their food labels. Bring your cell phone to the supermarket and gather detailed information on the spot. The next time you shop, you can select one or two more items to check up on. If you have a smart phone, there are a number of apps that enable you to check the gluten-free status of a product right on your screen while you are at the supermarket.

Don’t forget to shop the perimeter of the supermarket. That’s where you usually find the produce departments, where just about everything will be gluten free, or the meat and dairy departments, where most of the items will be gluten free. Look through the frozen food cases for gluten-free items.

Although aisles that contain bread, cake or cookies used to be barren of gluten-free items, you might find a few gluten-free choices depending on how your store stocks gluten-free foods. Some, like Wegmans, put all the gluten-free products together. Others, put gluten-free cookies in the general cookie section and gluten-free bread in the bakery department. Cereal, too, usually contains gluten. But recently a few companies have reformulated some popular products to be gluten free. You can find gluten-free Chex products as well as gluten-free Rice Krispies and Fruity and Coco Pebbles. Check the label carefully to make sure you pick up the right ones.

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