20 Ways to reduce the risk of child cancer

6.Give them cod liver, or fish oil everyday. It has massive health benefits, aids depression, calms aggression and even increases their IQ´s.

7.Cut out salt and sugar. Don´t bring the foods home. Salt poisons healthy cells and sugar feeds cancer cells. So cut down on processed or packaged foods, soy sauce, Chinese food, canned food – eat fresh. Remember refined wheat, white bread and white pasta are just sugar by another name! (Read our book, ´the Rainbow Diet´ and give them colourful, whole foods).

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8.Cut down on cows´ dairy. There are increasing numbers of studies, for example from the world famous Karolinska Institute, linking dairy and cancer risk. And that means cheese and pizzas too! Milk actually surpresses their appetites. There is clear research on levels of saturated fats in the teenage years being linked to cancers later in life.
9.Don´t live near a main road, or a petrol station if you can help it. Both have been associated with an increased risk of cancers like child leukaemia. And avoid living near pylons, phone masts or power cables: The International Leukaemia Conference warned of risks to children.

No mobile phone

10.Don´t allow them mobile phones (and don´t have cordless phones at home). Thinner skulls, nervous systems and brains still forming – we don´t have the space to list all the research raising possible risks. Turn the WiFi off at night and don´t leave them playing on the tablet, phone or laptop for hours.
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