20 Ways to reduce the risk of child cancer

11.Don´t use in-home herbicides or pesticides. They increase the risk of child cancers like lymphoma, and leukaemia. For example, head lice shampoos, garden sprays, flea sprays or flea collars on your animals: Linked to increased risk of child brain tumours and leukaemias.
12.Let them eat dirt. Seriously, too much irradiated, bacteria-free food, and sterile environments gives them weak immune systems – they need the fresh food, the outdoor life of their grandparents and to catch minor illnesses to develop an effective immune system. Children brought up on farms and children with a pet in the house have stronger immune systems. Fact.
13.Avoid antibiotics and mercury based vaccines. Antibiotics kill off friendly bacteria in the body, the front line of the immune system, and part of their immune memory. No child should have an antibiotic unless absolutely essential. Mercury-based vaccines can also damage the immune systems of the young.
14.Grow your own toxin-free vegetables, or go organic. More vitamins, more minerals, more omega 3, less pesticides. Changes in chemical composition of kids urine were noted within 5 days. Do you have fruit tress in your garden?
15.Go toxin-free in your kitchen and bathroom. Don´t use perfume or perfumed products on your skin when pregnant! Don´t let them use alcohol-based mouthwash or fluoride toothpaste. The EU considered banning over 1000 ´chemicals of concern´ currently found in everything from shampoo to baby wipes, and anti-perspirants to household cleaners. Meanwhile, buy from a toxin-free manufacturer.
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