20 Ways to reduce the risk of child cancer

16.Make them take exercise. Watching TV or playing computer games are unlikely to move their lymph or oxygenate their blood!! They will end up obese very quickly – like nearly 40% of kids.
17.Ditch the junk food. Forget the fast food ´restaurants´, the bag snack after school, cut the fizzy soft drinks, the ice cream, the cakes and the biscuits. Mum it is your responsibility. Bring only whole foods and nourishment into the house.
18.Beware exotic holidays. It is much easier than you realise to contract a parasite. If you go on one, buy a natural parasite purge (tend to be garlic/clove based) for your family.
19.Teach them to practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted bacteria and viruses are now known to cause cancers like cervical and ovarian.
20.Create a happy, laughter filled house. Laughing moves their lymph and boosts their immune systems. And don´t ever make them feel guilty. Guilt and depression are two significant causes of cancer.