15 Silent Signs of Lupus You Should Never Ignore

“Exhausted” doesn’t even begin to describe how tired you feel

“This isn’t just your every day tiredness; with lupus you feel like you literally can’t get out of bed,” Dr. Lee says. Of course, exhaustion can have many causes ranging from depression to cancer to mononucleosis so this symptom on its own isn’t indicative of lupus but if it’s one of a longer list of lupus-like symptoms it’s worth considering.  Here are other conditions that might be making you tired.

You have blisters in weird places

A blister on your heel? Call a cobbler. A constellation of blisters inside your nose or mouth? Call a doctor. There are other illnesses that cause painful bumps on your body (such as STDs) but lesions on your mucous membranes are a common sign of lupus, Dr. Lee says.

Your hair is coming out in clumps

While lupus can affect either gender, 90 percent of all cases diagnosed are in women between the ages of 15 and 44. And one of the most devastating symptoms of the illness is the loss of your beautiful locks, Lee says. You may notice your hair thinning and losing significant volume over a short period of time. These are other reasons your hair might be falling out.

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