15 Silent Signs of Lupus You Should Never Ignore

You have chest pain

“Heart attack!” is everyone’s first (panicked) thought when having chest pain but if your doc clears you for heart disease, lupus may be the cause. The autoimmune disease can cause swelling throughout the body, including in the sacs surrounding the heart and lungs, causing consistent, dull chest pain, Dr. Lee explains. If it’s your lungs that are primarily affected you may also experience shortness of breath. Always get these heart attack symptoms checked out.

You’re having a psychotic break

“Lupus can attack any organ in the body and that includes the brain, sometimes causing psychosis,” Lee says. “Many people come in thinking they’ve suddenly got schizophrenia or are going crazy but in reality it’s the disease.” Neurological symptoms of lupus can include hallucinations (both visual and auditory), paranoia, confusion, moodiness, and seizures—often occurring suddenly and with no prior history of mental illness.  Don’t miss these signs you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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