5 things I wish I knew before going keto

2. Your breath will smell – like really bad

Lucky for me I’ve been waking up next to the same person for eight years, and Declan my husband is also going keto too. So while we knew we both had horrible morning breath it kind of went unspoken because well you know… love! But you know it’s bad when you can smell your own breath. Why is this happening? When you have used all your glucose stores for energy your body starts to produce ketones. These are the guys responsible for telling your body to use fat for fuel and this is how we measure if we are in ketosis. They just also happen to be the guys responsible for the worst morning breath you have ever smelt. Take this as is a sign that your body is ready to burn fat. Brush your teeth and buy some sugar free mints and get on with it.

3. Your bowels won’t make up their mind for a while

I’m going to talk about what no one talks about. Poo. The first few days on Keto there was no sign of it. None. Nada. Zilch! I went from being a regular once a day kinda girl to nothing. Heed my words when I tell you that the worst thing you can do here is to take laxatives because eventually this poo strike sorts itself out – and in full force. When it comes back, it makes a bigger come back than Tziporah Malkah on I’m a Celeb. I had to stay close to the toilet for a few days but afterwards I felt like a new me. A lot less bloated and lighter on my feet (and on the scales too, me).

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