3 Moments When Scleroderma Broke Me

3. Treating a horrible ulcer

Ulcers are a common painful nuisance that many patients have to deal with. Last year, I had my first infected one. It was unlike any ulcer I had ever had and it kept oozing pus. The scab came off and revealed a bloody hole in my finger. It was around 10 p.m. and I started panicking in front of my family, which was a first for them.

My mom, who is a nurse, wrapped it with antibacterial ointment. I saw a hand specialist and he explained that I had granulated tissue in the space where the ulcer was trying to heal. He put silver nitrate in the wound, which killed the extra tissue (and burned like crazy) and gave me packets of Xeroform to wrap it.

This experience was very traumatic for me and I felt so defeated that scleroderma was still throwing curve balls at me when I thought I’d seen it all. But to my surprise, the ulcer healed very quickly. I was so grateful to see a doctor who knew exactly what it was and how to treat it. I also didn’t have to get it amputated, which is a big plus.

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