Everything You Want to Know about Vitiligo Cure

Other Considerations for Vitiligo Diet

Other than the above food items, there are 2 more things that you should take under consideration while planning for your diet.

  1. Food Allergies
  2. Antioxidants

Food Allergies

While thinking of planning for Vitiligo diet, you should also think of food allergies.

People all over the world develop food allergies all the time. The allergies alone might not be as harmful but they can accelerate your Vitiligo.

Minor allergies to things like gluten, cocoa etc. can make your Vitiligo worse.

A simple diagnostic test can help you figure out the extent of your allergies and how your body reacts to different food items.

Food allergies do tend to go away quickly. And once they are gone, your Vitiligo should come under control.

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