On Adopting a Kid With Down Syndrome

If you read the “about us” section of my blog, A Typical Son, you would know my husband and I adopted our son. There are a few posts on the blog about adopting, which is where I am cribbing some of this from. In general most people we meet do not know we adopted and I am just fine with that.

You want to know what people really think about kids with Down syndrome? Tell someone you’re thinking of getting one. No one said anything close to “Hey, awesome!” It was more like “Why do you want to do that to yourself?” or “That sounds hard” or “Don’t do that, please.”

We heard grief stories. We heard them from parents who had children with Down syndrome. We heard them from friends who had friends who were parents of kids with Down syndrome. Those stories are essentially the same. They are about parents not getting the child they had planned on. You know, the one without Down syndrome.

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