Your Narcissist Friend Probably Isn’t Listening to You

If you can recognize this pattern, you can handle your favorite narcissist more effectively.

One trait of men and women with narcissistic habits makes them frustratingly difficult to deal with — either as a partner at work or someone to live with at home.

As a therapist who specializes in helping couples build more satisfying marriages, I focus on this trait in particular.

What is that habit that most people overlook about narcissists?

When you interact with a person with narcissistic habits, you need to stay strong. Don’t be aggressive; just strong in self-confidence. Expect to be heard. Keep nicely but confidently putting your comments back out there until you succeed.

Then you never know what might emerge. The most overlooked sign of narcissism may — or may not — melt away!

There are many signs of narcissism, but the most telling but overlooked sign is habitual non-listening.

Narcissistic folks tend to do a lot of talking and very little listening. The narcissist knows best, so why bother listening to what others have to say?

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