The office narcissist: how to spot (and deal with) them

Almost all offices have them.

The person whose self-belief exceeds their abilities, who rides roughshod over your considered opinions and practices, who’s basically very focused on themselves.

In some workplaces, the person doesn’t just belittle their co-workers and their contributions, they actually consider themselves so special and unique they are left infuriated when others fail to recognise them.

We’re talking about the office narcissist.

“I have worked with two narcissistic bosses. I was constantly undermined, lied to with no sense of guilt shown by them. They attempted to turn staff against each other, and the worst [thing was their] character assassination, which was not only detrimental to me, but jeopardised business relationships with key customers. They breed in senior management and often fool those who don’t work closely with them to think they are fantastic. My advice, leave the organisation.” — Cathie

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