The office narcissist: how to spot (and deal with) them

Expert Dr Ross King said one clue to spotting them is they don’t generally pitch in and help out with the little selfless tasks that keep the office functioning.

In the narcissist’s mind, packing a dishwasher would be deemed too menial a task to perform, said Dr King, an associate professor in psychology at Deakin University.

The misery tornado

Life Matters: The narcissist in the workplace

Hear Amanda Smith’s interview with Dr Ross King.

Left unmanaged, narcissistic behaviour has potential to wreak havoc on a workplace.

“You’re going to see higher rates of absenteeism, you’re going to have people leaving the job [and] going somewhere else because they don’t want to work with this person,” Dr King said.

“It has an impact on your workplace and your workplace’s performance if you’ve got someone like this running riot behind the scenes with the other workers.”

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