How Anxiety And Depression Can Drain Your Retirement Savings

Flow The Stress Away
Alternate between these two poses to strengthen and release your low back.

“People are living longer, dealing with more psychological distress, and often shouldering the burden of saving for retirement without the help of employers,” she notes. “That all adds up, especially for those with anxiety and depression, who may not be thinking about their financial health.”

Bogan suggests getting a financial check-up from a professional, and most of all, to see financial wellbeing as part of overall good mental health.

In addition to financial planning, it’s also beneficial to spend some time addressing your sense of resilience, and putting strategies in place that could serve you well as you age, according to Scott Dehorty, LCSW-C, a social worker at Delphi Behavioral Health.

For example, he notes, depression doesn’t always manifest as sadness. Instead, you might have increased anxiety, lack of enjoyment in activities you once loved, ongoing fatigue, and even a heightened sense of pain. (Here are 7 physical signs of depression you might not expect.

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