How Anxiety And Depression Can Drain Your Retirement Savings

“Many people with depression or anxiety actually feel things differently in their bodies,” says Dehorty. “Aches and pains bother them more, because the brain doesn’t filter out pain signals as well as it would normally.”

Signs like these are often early indicators that it’s time to amp up the self-care, he adds. That might mean seeing a therapist, as well as implementing de-stress strategies like mindfulness or better time management. (Here’s exactly how mindfulness helps your mind and body—and how to do it, according to Prevention Premium.)

“The best thing to know about depression and anxiety is that they are very treatable,” Dehorty says. “There’s no reason to feel helpless or hopeless, there are many ways to get back to feeling good.”

Bringing together financial health and mental health now could help alleviate many concerns about future wellbeing, Bogan adds.