Get Into Ketosis Faster – 5 Tips For Rapid Results!

The 5 Best Ways To Get Into Ketosis Faster

1. Cut Out Carbohydrates To Get Into Ketosis Faster

Until your body is fully adapted to burning fat for energy, you need to really limit the amount of carbohydrates ingested every day to about 20-30 grams total. This means cutting out every type of carbohydrate rich food(bread, pasta, fruit, etc.) and instead eat plenty of fat and moderate amounts of protein.

Get into ketosis faster by avoiding carbs

During this phase, feel free to eat vegetables if you like along with fats from foods like red meat, avocados, olives, coconut oil, butter, and bacon. Don’t worry about how many calories you’re eating. The focus is to get your body into a fat burning state.

Which Foods Can I Eat To Get Into Ketosis Faster

Fatty foods are your friend! Getting 70-85% of your daily calories from foods packed with healthy fats like avocados, grass fed butter, ribeye steaks, eggs, and olive oil will get your body into ketosis fast. Eating more fat makes cutting carbs from your diet easier since it keeps you feeling full and diminishes cravings.

2. Take MCT Oil To Get Into Ketosis Faster

This special type of fat almost instantly helps you get into ketosis faster. MCTs – short for medium chain triglycerides – are digested and function differently than the other fats we eat.

Get into ketosis faster by taking MCT Oil

Instead of being digested normally, MCTs skip the process, bypass your stomach and are instead sent from your small intestine, to the liver. Here, they help make the ketones that will get you into nutritional ketosis faster.

MCTs are found in many foods. Coconut oil is about 60% medium chain triglycerides. The fats in grass-fed butter, cheese, and milk are each about 7% MCTs. Click here, MCT Oil vs. coconut oil – which is better, to see a nutritional comparison of MCT and coconut oil.

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