Get Into Ketosis Faster – 5 Tips For Rapid Results!

We stick to our daily Crossfit workouts and work schedules during our fast. Often, I find that my best workouts and most productive work days are during this period. My mental and physical energy are high, focus is crystal clear, anxiety, minimal so that I can go all day, without any mid-day energy crashes.

Here’s another payoff: you get lean much faster and stay that way more easily if you do some type of fasting regularly!

Start Intermittent Fasting Slowly.

If you currently eat 3 meals a day begin by skipping breakfast or dinner a few days a week. As you become more comfortable increase the amount of time you’re fasting between meals. Aiming for a 16-18 hour fast per day, or doing a couple of 24 hour fasts weekly, are good goals and recommended by many experts like Dr. Jason Fung.

Don’t worry about ending a fast early. Any signs that you are not feeling well, (lightheaded, really low energy, etc.) then end your fast and have something to eat. Keep trying until you feel energized during this period.

Since it helps your body make more ketones, taking MCT oil when you fast will help you get into ketosis faster. It also helps decrease hunger pains and cravings often occuring.


Whether you are an experienced low carb dieter or just getting started, anyone of these tips can help you get into ketosis faster. Following them all consistently will keep you get into a fat burning state and achieve your goals faster!

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