The Real Reason Why The Narcissist Punishes You

Missing the Message or Getting it

The Victim Model creates ongoing trauma, powerlessness and blaming the narcissist.

In all my years helping people Thrive after narcissistic abuse, I have never seen one person operating in this model get better. In stark contrast I have seen them just get addicted to information about abusers, and joining in with other people who are also obsessed with finding out and sharing everything they can about narcissists.

From a Higher Perspective, as well as my own personal journey and sharing liberation with thousands of others, I know exactly why they are not getting better – because they are not working with the truth.

Here is the absolute truth: We created at soul level contracts for these people to come into our lives.

Now there is the ultimate statement that will make people really want to crucify me! And that’s okay, because I’ve heard it all before … things like “Melanie, you are telling me I CHOSE this? How DARE you say that!”

Yes I am saying it’s true … not consciously of course, no-one would from the limited human logical perspective choose to be abused by a narcissist. What I totally do know, however, is that at a Higher Soul Level we wish to evolve and there is no better way to evolve ourselves than to be pushed into the density of darkness to be forced to transcend it and come out released into the light.

It’s a journey of “Return To Love” – it’s a journey of releasing ourselves from the illusions of fear, pain, separation and judgements and coming face to face with our wounds (that were originally unconscious) of not being self-partnered and self-loving which were holding us back from an expanded life experience.

I promise you if you were born into a family of narcissists this is a soul-journey. You are not just evolving “this life”. We are born with existing emotional / belief system DNA, generational DNA, past-life unresolved trauma etc.

There is a Higher Reason for all of it, and the best way to “get the message delivered” of what we need to heal within ourselves is to have someone else bring these wounds forth for us in such a way that we cannot ignore them anymore.

THAT person is a narcissist. Garden variety abusers aren’t so heartless, exact or punishing, and often we miss those messages.

Narcissists do it more powerfully than any other person, and their incredible purpose as a False Self is to NOT STOP delivering the torture until you get the message.

And there is no other solution to your narcissistic abuse experience of personal higher evolution other than healing your wounds that they are exposing for you, because you can’t beat a narcissist with logical defences, righteousness, blaming, trying to expose them, researching more about them or joining groups that demonise them.

And you certainly cannot free yourself from the torture of your inner wounds which have been hammered and activated. That’s what all the symptoms of C-PTSD etc is … I promise you … it’s your unhealed, disowned wounds eating you alive – the wounds that only you can turn to.

The truth is this … You can’t heal any other way than to “get the message” – because this isn’t about the narcissist – it is about healing your own wounds.

When you receive the message and heal those original wounds I promise you “the messenger” (the narcissist) does not need to be in your reality anymore, at all, let alone abusing you.

That is EXACTLY why my Thriver Healing process has created breakthrough healings in this community by the thousands. Because the Higher Perspective – the reality of what is really going in – is addressed.

And it is the only way we are set free.

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