The Real Reason Why The Narcissist Punishes You

Facing Our Wounds

If we are unconscious and stuck in victimhood and blaming, our wounds can be hard to acknowledge. We also have the conditioned beliefs, “It’s not safe to be vulnerable and wounded”, so most of us set up elaborate defences around ourselves in order to not be rejected, abandoned or punished and we refused to, in that state, look at our own Inner Beings – thinking that would mean “more lack of love and abuse”.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Because when we do come inside and self-partner, we change our entire life beyond description from the inside out (which is where it needs to happen) and we wonder how on earth we were living any differently.

This is the New Love Revolution Model for our world – where one person at a time, as a result of becoming authentic and free of emotional inner wounds, we will change our world beyond description … and I have to say I am very excited and honoured to be a part this revolution and to help others achieve it.

And this has nothing to do with being “fluffy”, “new-agey” or “spiritually delusional!” What it does mean is that we are anchored in our own bodies with maturity, solidness, self-love and self-respect and we are no longer derailed by our young childhood wounds that were all about not loving and respecting ourselves.

No longer are we showing up in ways that hand our power over because of the unfinished business of fear of rejection, punishment or abandonment from others. This is a model of becoming truthful and showing up as an authentic self.

It’s a model that when we become self-partnered, authentic and self-loving, abuse is never our reality again. We become conscious. We don’t harbour pain, fear and judgement (then have to live out more of it). We are freed from all of those cycles – in order to enjoy real life … Power-fully.

Without being narcissistically abused, for most of us, that would never have been possible. We would have just continued living out the “normal” pain of not being self-partnered, not ever healing our wounds and never knowing what our Highest Self and Life was truly capable of.

The transcendence of who we were being to Who We Really Are is never possible until we embrace and partner with ourselves fully wounds and all.

The relief of being real with ourselves is astounding. Showing up to ourselves as this: “Inner Being I know you are wounded, I love you unconditionally, and I am doing everything I can to partner and heal you” is mind-blowingly comforting.

We realise when we start doing this for real that this level of love was the love we have been looking for all of our life – thinking we could get it from outside of ourselves – but discovering that what we were getting instead was only more of our wounds.

Now you know why!

Last week in my article Healing From Narcissistic Abuse – The Body Connection I talked about self-partnering, what it is, how we have all been disconnected from ourselves, and how this has led to disassociation, not trusting ourselves, handing power over, looking for outer answers and created us gravitating to and hooking up with other disconnected people (co-dependents and narcissists).

I totally believe that everyone who has been narcissistically abused is on the soul journey to clean this up.

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