The Real Reason Why The Narcissist Punishes You

This Stuff Has Not Just Played Out With the Narcissist

We may think that “our wounding” has only happened with the narcissist, or even that the narcissist caused it to begin with.

You may wonder how this relates if you were born into a family of narcissistic abuse. This is in relation to previous DNA, your soul’s journey and what your Higher Self wants your evolution path to evolve beyond. I do not, as a previous past-life regression, or a soul healer believe in any shape of form that this lifetime is all that that we have experienced or will experience.

There is also a bigger collective purpose for all of us. Not only do we have the ability to liberate ourselves from emotional wounds and trauma, we are also healing for our children, future generations and humanity in general as a result of evolving ourselves.

Truly, we are all in this together, and this is the pro-active movement that will be effective in freeing our world from abuse.

So the bottom line is: no matter who and when our wounding came, we need to understand the deep patterns within ourselves and heal them in order to set ourselves free. As a child, yes you were powerless, but as an adult you are not.

And when we don’t get the “message” that is being delivered to us, Life will turn up the volume trying everything it can to get our attention. This is why it makes so much more sense, and works so much more effectively when we turn around, come inside ourselves and do that.

In regard to any form of narcissistic abuse, these patterns are not new. I promise you there is not one person who I have worked on with Quanta Freedom Healing where the wounds cannot be traced back to original events, DNA generational or past life programs in their subconscious. The exact wound that is traumatising them via the narcissist today. This wound until it is evolved is stuck in repeat.

Even people who adamantly declared there was no correlation found it and saw it themselves point blank in the healing process. And then when they started releasing and up-levelling that wound, they had full awareness of the many other ways that wound had limited their life.

You see, when we are still in the wound, we are unconscious – our limited state and fear and blocks that have held us back are our “normal” … we usually have had them all of our life. Yet when we release and up-level our inner wounds, it opens up space for evolution, consciousness and growth. We start expanding into the knowing of the “bigger picture” exponentially, and we realise things that we had never realised before. Things that grant us enormous feelings of relief, peace, love and wholeness.

The truth has a profound way of doing that, hence the expression: The truth sets you free.

As a really simple example (among thousands) my fears of abandonment were massive “gaps” that both narcissists tore down. When I up-levelled and healed beyond this fear I saw how I had self-abandoned myself so many times by not speaking up, because of the fear that I would “be left”. I did it with friendships, business and family as well as intimate partner relationships. And I had suffered a great deal of abuse, exploitation and pain as a result in many areas of my life.

It was a massive Achille’s Heel, and I had never realised it – I had been blaming others for it all my life, hence why it was continuing.

Thank goodness that the narcissistic experience was so big I finally found and released and up-levelled the three year old trauma energy trapped in my subconscious which had been generating the effects ever since. Not only did I transcend past any attachment to narcissists, I also improved every area of my life as a result of being able to show up without this young emotional terror.

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