The Real Reason Why The Narcissist Punishes You

How Do We Work Out Our Wounding?

It’s crazy simple when you stop trying to figure out emotions logically.

Crazy simple! Especially when you have a process to do it.

And it’s vital, because you need to understand that your logical mind was never meant to be in charge of sorting through emotional triggers. It has no ability to.

I shared the process – to connect to emotional triggers – in last week’s article. This was the self-partnering exercise.

When we do this process within a Quanta Freedom Healing session, we also have the energetic tool to load up all the connected childhood, Past Life and generational DNA programs connected with the trauma we are tracking in the body. Then that trauma is released from our body (subconscious / cells) and replaced with our True Self state.

This creates instant healing on these traumas, because once we get a body shift, the brain neuron pathways automatically release from old painful connections to form healthy ones. We have literally just changed our mind as a result of changing our body. And this is where the new paradigm of healing needs to go to have any real effect – we need to change our body / emotions first in order to change our mind.

That process is the most profound way to “get the message’ and work with it. It’s a powerful way to shift ourselves beyond the traumas that were keeping us emotionally stuck to and abused by abusers.

It’s incedibly simple to do, because all we need as the starting point is to start listening to our bodies. It stores all information, it is connected to our evolution, and it knows everything about us.

(I promise you your logical mind doesn’t have access to these deeper truths).

And it is this simple: truly … All we need to do is tune into, “What hurts the most right now?” emotionally …

No longer do we need to do the logical and exhaustive exercises of researching copious amount of information about narcissists, seeing any number of therapists, reading countless books or attending seminars on all sorts of different topics in an effort to get relief and get well.

Because ALL we ever need to do is come inside our own body.

That’s it – I promise – then each trauma one by one by one is shifted and transformed. That’s the exact direct and simple process.

It’s so interesting how in our disconnection from selves, and being thrown into our heads by human conditioning that we have become so confused, disorientated, and so outer focused that we have over-complicated our healing to ridiculous proportions. And of course the huge block is being taught to stay in our heads and NOT self-partner emotionally. Because of course that would mean we could never resolve, heal and integrate with ourselves (I talked all about this in last week’s article).

Truly – there is no need to over-complicate anything anymore. There is no need for “analysis paralysis”, and before we know it we just start breaking free from trauma, the narcissist and we start to get well. And the attacks coming from outside of us stop, because there is no wound left inside generating it for the purpose of our own evolution.

So now that you have taken all of that in … let’s investigate how our unhealed wounds played out with the narcissist.

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