The Real Reason Why The Narcissist Punishes You

How you get unhooked and the results of breaking free

It’s essential to realise there is a bigger picture purpose to all of this, and that Life and your Soul is working for you and not against you.

What is happening to you is all a vital message to come home to yourself to heal – the getting inside your body, being in contact with your subconscious and healing your inner traumas and wounds in order to evolve yourself and your life experience.

When you do find and up-level these wounds a profound shift in consciousness occurs. You grow up that part of yourself. And what this means is you start showing up on this topic as an adult and no longer a wounded child.

Then you see the “game” for what it is. There is no need to fix, change, stop or justify anything. There is no more the feelings of intense love, bonding and connection that you had whilst trying to re-create an abuser as a loving parent this time.

In fact you will become turned off this person, even repulsed, then indifferent and eventually feel compassion for the narcissist (from a distance). Knowing that you have grown through this experience in ways that create the most incredible joy and freedom in life, but this person will forever remain trapped in their childhood wounds – because he or she will remain unconscious.

But you didn’t … you woke up.

And you feel incredible gratitude, because there is absolutely no need to “get” the message any more – you have moved way beyond it, and are now enjoying the benefits.

In Conclusion …

This is why the Thriver Model of recovery is a 180 degree turn from what you are taught in abuse forums, which are all about intense narcissistic focus, and even in standard psychology. When the focus is on the narcissist and does not contain the Higher Self spiritual beliefs of: there is a Higher Reason for this,then we are left with only the formula of victimisation with no way inside ourselves to go to the origin of why this happening.

There has to be a better way – and there is a better way. A direct way, a powerful way and way that grants us relief very quickly, because our Inner Being knows we are on track regarding evolving ourselves.

I would love to show you how to achieve this in my next Webinar – where you can experience physically and emotionally what it is like to locate, release and up-level the wounds that have kept you trapped in abuse …

And then for real you will break free.

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