3 Reasons You Might Want To Ditch That Ketogenic Eating Plan

2. Ketogenic Eating Probably Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle.

You know me—I’m not a huge fan of cardio or long workouts. I’m bearish on exercise as a modern concept, but I’m bullish on functional fitness and DWYLT.

In other words, I want people to do active things they love with a little sprinting and short functional strength workouts thrown in.

In order to actually enjoy those things and feel strong and healthywhen doing them, you’ll need adequate glycogen. That’s something that’s quickly depleted through ketogenic eating.

I know the body can replenish glycogen stores through gluconeogenesis, but damn, why go through all the trouble?

Seriously, performing well on a ketogenic diet (I know this from experience) requires a long adaptation period and still results in the loss of explosiveness.

Endurance may be maintained or improved after adaptation, but good luck with those sprints, feeling strong popping up on a surfboard over and over again, covering your friend in a game of flag football, or lifting that sandbag many times.

And I still haven’t talked about the actual eating side of things: if you think it’s tough to get comfortable with social eating on a real-food based lifestyle, good luck with that keto plan. In the real world, most of the people I meet want less obsessiveness and more enjoyment, not vice versa.

Between the obsessiveness, performance issues, and social neediness, I’m getting further and further away from liking keto as a strategy.

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