8 Signs Of Adrenal Fatigue Most People Ignore

1. Fatigue

If you wake up feeling unrested or find that you fall asleep at the drop of a hat, you’re suffering from fatigue.

Of course, fatigue is a nonspecific symptom that can be linked to chronic pain disorders (e.g. lupus and fibromyalgia) as well as mental health issues (such as depression). However, adrenal fatigue is one cause worth considering if your doctor rules out more readily identifiable conditions.

2. Salt and Sugar Cravings

In the absence of other obvious explanations (e.g. premenstrual tension), cravings for either salt or sugar can indicate adrenal fatigue, because your adrenal glands help to regulate your metabolic rate and mineral levels.

If these levels are out of whack, you can start feeling desperate for sugary candy or salty pretzels, so your body can replenish dwindling supplies.

3. Low Blood Pressure And Feeling Faint

Your adrenal glands regulate your blood pressure, so if your body is lacking in mineralocorticoids then you can suddenly find yourself feeling faint.

This might manifest in dizzy spell, a lightheaded feeling when you stand up, or even fainting. Alternatively, you might not feel these symptoms but notice that your blood pressure tests as unusually low.

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