7 Warm Ideas for Getting Through Winter with Lupus

  1. Dress for the occasion.

“It helps to keep warm with lots of layers, woolen socks, beanies, and boots. I like to have a bit of fun putting my outfits together and put on some make up to cover a rash and just to give myself a confidence boost (maybe when I’m not feeling so good inside)!” – Laura


  1. Drink something warm (preferably with friends).

“I am prone to depression and I do withdraw socially like a lot of people when it gets super cold. I find it helps to make weekly cuppa dates at friends’ houses.” – Laura


  1. Catharsis works.

“I journal to let my emotions out while letting tears stream. Not holding it in. This also allows me to look back afterwards when things are okay again and reflect.” – Jessica

“Celebrate the good days and find your inner strength in the bad days.” – Laura

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