Five ways to boost your memory

Memory-improving foods

Although a diet that emphasizes eating “real” rather than processed foods, avoiding trans fats and sugar, and eating healthful fats will help to fuel your brain and memory, certain foods outweigh others for their benefits.

Here are some foods that recent research has hailed as memory boosters.

Walnut consumption is associated with improved performance on cognitive function tests for memory, concentration, and speed of information processing.

Blueberry concentrate improves brain function, working memory, blood flow to the brain, and activation of the brain while conducting cognitive tests.

Lutein found in kale and spinach, as well as avocados and eggs, may counter cognitive aging and improve learning and memory.

Avocado improves cognitive function in tests evaluating memory, processing speed, and attention levels.

Cocoa and chocolate enhance working memory performance and visual information processing, and they counteract sleep deprivation-related cognitive impairment. Dietary cocoa flavanols have also been found to reverse age-related memory decline.

Caffeine — equivalent to five cups of coffee per day — reverses memory impairment in mice bred to develop symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Cinnamon promotes memory improvement and may target cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.

Peppermint tea significantly improves long-term and working memory, as well as alertness, compared with chamomile and hot water.

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