Five ways to boost your memory

5. Kick back and relax

Chronic stress has an adverse effect on the brain. Over time, stress destroys brain cells, damages the hippocampus, and is linked with memory loss. Managing stress can therefore be one of the best ways to protect your memory.

people in a yoga class
Meditation and yoga help to increase brain function.

Meditation and listening to music may be effective strategies for relieving stress and reversing early memory loss in older adults with cognitive decline.

In a study, meditation and listening to music over a 3-month period significantly improved subjective memory function and objective cognitive performance. The memory and cognition gains were still present or further increased for 3 months after the intervention.

Just 25 minutes of mindfulness meditation and Hatha yoga per day has also been found to have a positive effect on mood and boost brain function and cognitive abilities.

Do you enjoy doodling or taking photographs? These hobbies could be used as tools to help with memory recall. Doodling while conducting a dull task improved recall by 29 percent over non-doodlers in one study, while taking photos improved performance in visual memory tasks in another study.

Lastly, if you find that you relax with certain aromas, you might want to try rosemary essential oil. Children who took part in a memory game after being in a rosemary-diffused room scored significantly higher than children who had been in a room with no scent.

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