6 Tips to Help Children with Down Syndrome Get a Good Night Sleep

5.  Align Schedules to Natural Rhythms

Everyone, including children with Down syndrome, find it easier to fall asleep when they go to bed tired.  Wherever possible, align the aforementioned routine to the child’s natural rhythm.  If they get tired around the same time every night, designate that as bedtime.  Sticking to this kind of routine can also help create and maintain your child’s association between bedtime routine activities like reading a story and wearing pajamas with sleeping.

6.  Create a Sleep Friendly Environment

If your child is struggling to settle in at night or has trouble staying asleep or waking too early, take a minute to experience their sleep environment in the same way they do.  Lay in their bed.  Is it comfortable? Is there a cold draft from the window?  Is there lots of ambient light?  Can you hear things that are happening in other rooms?  Creating a calming, comfortable environment that makes your child feel safe and secure while also promoting a good night sleep can make a big difference in managing behavioral problems.

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