3 Tips for Exercising with Multiple Sclerosis

Sticking to new years resolutions to get fit are hard enough for the majority of people, but MS can make it an even bigger challenge.  Try these 3 tips for exercising with multiple sclerosis.

Raise the Bar
Many people with disabilities are a little intimidate by large pieces of exercise equipment, especially when they are new to working out.  But one piece of equipment that can really benefit you is your gym’s Smith Machine.  Even if you’re not (yet) strong enough to use it for traditional exercises like weighted squats, chest presses, or shoulder presses, you can still put it to use.  If you have someone set the bar for you at about chest height, you can use it as a grab bar to help you relearn to squat, lunge, and balance on one foot.
Avoid the traditional Smith machine squat, shown in the photo above.For the squat, put a chair or bench in front of the Smith Machine bar.  Face the bar and hold onto it while standing up from the chair.  Complete 15 reps (sit down and stand up 15 times).  In the beginning, grip the bar tightly, and use your arms to help pull you out of the chair.  As you get stronger, you can just place a couple of fingers on the bar for balance, completely relying on your legs to stand.  If you are very advanced, remove the chair, and perform the squat just holding the bar.

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