3 Tips for Exercising with Multiple Sclerosis

Here are some questions to ask when choosing a personal trainer, yoga teacher, or fitness instructor:

  • What organization are you certified by?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • Have you trained other people with MS?  If not, have you trained clients with other disabilities?
  • How many years have you been training clients or teaching classes?
  • Are you willing to send progress updates to my physical therapist?
  • Can you give me references?  If they have glowing client references, that’s good.  But if they can give you a doctor, massage therapist, or physical therapist as one of the references, that’s even better.

Chill Out

People with MS are especially sensitive to heat.  Getting too hot during a workout session can slow your hard-earned progress.  If you are exercising at home, turn the heat or A/C down a few degrees before starting your workout.  If you’re at a gym where you can’t control the thermostat, consider wearing lighter clothing in winter, or bringing an ice pack in the summer.  A fun option to keep you cool and hydrated is to fill a plastic water bottle half full, then put it in the freezer.  Take it with you to the gym, and sip it as it thaws.  The remaining ice serves as an incognito ice pack.

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