Self-Care Tips for Vitiligo Patients

The Water element is associated with Wintertime, as well as with the Kidneys. Vitiligo is usually in remission in the winter months, so now is a great time to begin or continue herbal vitiligo treatment. One way to support the herbal vitiligo treatment is to take care of your kidneys. In Chinese medicine, the Kidneys are in charge of the immune system. When your Kidney Qi (vital life force energy) is not functioning optimally, your immune system will be out of balance. The Spleen also plays a role in immune system function, but the Kidneys are the chief in charge.

Vitiligo and the Immune System

In order to manage vitiligo effectively, you need to balance your immune system. Merry Clinic’s Vitilax herbal capsules help to improve your immune system and support Kidney and Spleen energy in order to restore skin pigmentation. The Vitinutrient tablets contain nutrients which are commonly deficient in people who have vitiligo. The Vitilax herbal skin oil will stimulate the melanocytes of the skin to start working again.

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