9 Signs Of Lupus All Women Should Be Able To Recognize

7. Mouth sores

Unlike a typical canker sore or abscess, these sores are usually painless, so many patients may not even know they have them, Buyon notes. They typically present on the roof of the mouth, and sometimes in the nose.

8. Seizures and memory loss

Lupus can also attack the brain. “It can affect the brain, no question, you can have seizures, disorientation, become psychotic, and experience memory loss,” Buyon says. While a lot of patients’ brains are impacted by the disease, others don’t experience these symptoms at all.

9. Mental health problems

“I also think anxiety plays a big role because unlike any other sickness (besides IBD), you can be well today and sick and hospitalized tomorrow. That’s a scary thought. The unpredictable nature of one’s health can be very anxiety provoking.” Feeling unstable and also not knowing what’s wrong makes matters even worse. Living with fear and anxiety about your health is par for the course with lupus, and even without other symptoms, is a sign enough that you need to talk to someone to figure out what’s going on.

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