How Sensory Toys Could Benefit Children with Processing Disorders


Visual Perceptual Processing Disorder – This is a fault in how the brain interprets what the eyes see. The child may have difficulty distinguishing colors, similarly shaped letters (like b and d), may be confused and they could struggle to write within lines on a page. They could also have limited spacial awareness and judge incorrectly the space they occupy in a room so they appear uncoordinated and may bump into walls and tread on people’s toes.

Oral Defensiveness – Oral defensiveness is altered sensitivity to taste. Children affected by this may not be able to bear certain types of food and become extremely picky eaters, but it can go further than being fussy – it is a medical condition. There may be a lack of sensation, causing children to cram food into their mouths because they can’t feel what they’re doing. Other children have a hypersensitive mouth and find eating uncomfortable. Some crave particular flavors or textures from food and so they can’t help binge eating.

Hyperacusis – This is an extreme hypersensitivity to sound. The child’s tolerance to sound collapses and any noise no matter how small becomes painful.

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