How Sensory Toys Could Benefit Children with Processing Disorders

Other Ways to Help Your Child

If your child has tactile issues and can’t bear their clothes, you could buy second-hand ones as these are more pliable after multiple washing. Washing their clothes in an eco-friendly fabric softener (hypoallergenic to sensitive skin) can make them feel more tolerable.

If your child has hyperacusis it’s important to make sure they receive medical care because this condition is painful and can worsen if not corrected. Early intervention with pink noise therapy is vital. Anti-inflammatories or steroids have also been used in cases of acute hyperacusis.

Some parents have found physical therapy or chiropractic exercises useful in coordinating their child’s balance. Locating quality toys that can reinforce some of the therapeutic concepts found in actual therapy sessions, can improve the rate at which the child develops and promote a happier, healthier childhood.

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