Known Causes

Medically any kind of irritation and compression of occipital nerves leads to the occipital neuralgia. These disturbances in the occipital nerve can be caused by several reasons like head injury, inflammation of nerves, and entrapments of nerves due to heavy load on the back of the head. Labours who carry heavy load regularly on the back of their head and shoulder can face the entrapment and inflammation of nerves. Other causes of this disease include:

  • Tumour in the neck especially on the back side of the neck

  • Tightness of neck muscles due to any diseases or injury

  • Unusual spacing between C1 and C2 vertebrae

  • Disease of cervical disc

  • Interlocking of the occipital artery and greater occipital nerve

  • Inflammation of blood vessels

Besides these causes some diseases like diabetes, neck tension, and gout also lead to the occipital neuralgia. In short, anything that has the potential to inflame or compress the occipital nerve causes the occipital neuralgia.

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