Somme anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen can be used to relieve pain but it is better to consult a doctor before taking any pill because it is almost impossible to diagnose occipital neuralgia at home. Doctors can also suggest one or more of the following medications

  • Gabapentin of Neurontin and carbamazepine of Tegretol because these are anticonvulsant drugs and developed to reduce nerve pain

  • Depression can further increase the pain, therefore, some doctors also suggest antidepressant as side medicine

  • Muscle relaxants to specifically reduce the pain in neck muscles

  • Steroid injection and nerve block. This is temporary treatment and should be used for a short time. It takes two or three injections to get the results but pain can come back anytime.

All these medications are effective but might not work in some cases. In some serious cases, surgery can also be used. There are two surgical methods to remove pain. In the first method, doctors adjust the blood vessels that are causing the compression of the nerve. This procedure is known as microvascular decompression. The other more advanced method is the use of electric pulses. Doctors use electric impulses to block the carriers that carry the pain messages. This method doesn’t bring nerves to its original shape but removes the pain. This treatment method requires special skills and equipment due to which every hospital can’t provide this treatment. The selection of treatment depends on the severity of illness and patient’s affordability and comfort. In some very rare cases occipital neuralgia can lead to cancer of the spine, therefore it is important to diagnose this disease in early stages and select the right treatment method.

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