Fibromyalgia Medication Efficacy and Side-Effects

This article is an examination of the more commonly used fibromyalgia medications and a few results of recent studies on the effectiveness of the medications in fibromyalgia patients; ways to reduce the cost of your fibromyalgia medication; and appropriate warnings where warranted.

Fibromyalgia is complex. Here at “Living Smarter with Fibromyalgia”, we understand that not everyone will walk the same path when it comes to their approach in treating fibromyalgia and all of its complexities. If you are taking prescription medication for your fibromyalgia, we want to be sure that you are approaching your fibromyalgia medication the “smarter” way.

If you have had a major surgery in the hospital, you might think that morphine, or other opiates, are your “best friend”. But, did you know that when prescribed for fibromyalgia pain, it helps at first and then slowly turns on us until it actually causes more pain!

Studies have shown this to be a fact. When it happens, you may not even know it’s the opiates that are exacerbating the fibro pain; you may even ask your doctor for a larger dose!

The smarter approach is always going to be the least invasive with the least negative or toxic side effects. This means you may have to take more personal responsibility when working with your doctor. When you are prescribed any medication, you always need to be thinking “is this the lowest effective dose for my condition?”

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