Gluten-Free Diet During Pregnancy


Since you’re more likely to get constipated during pregnancy, make your goal at least 25 grams of fiber (and plenty of water) per day. Your go-to foods include:

  • Legumes (get 10 to 16 g of fiber per cup of cooked beans, lentils or split peas)
  • Brown rice (3.5 g in 1 cup cooked); note that it contains some arsenic — so while having some rice in your diet is fine, you wouldn’t want it to be your only source of fiber
  • Nuts (3 g in 1 once)
  • Fruits and veggies (5 g in one large apple; 4 g in 2 large kiwis; 3 g in an orange; 3 g in one medium stalk of broccoli; 3 g in 3/4 cup cut green beans; 4 g in one medium sweet potato)

Easing Nausea

Early in your pregnancy, nausea may cause carb cravings — which means you may long for a piece of bread or a few crackers to ease the quease. The trick? Stock up on gluten-free bread and cracker alternatives; you should have your pick (even a gluten-free aisle!) at most grocery stores.

The Bottom Line

Between nausea, constipation and an increasingly limited selection of foods in your fridge, it can seem trickier than ever to get a balanced diet when you’re expecting. But rest assured, by eating a variety of foods from all food groups — proteins, fruits, vegetables, dairy/dairy alternatives and grains — you can get all the nutrients you and your growing baby need.

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