How Narcissistic Women Screw Men/Women with Sex and Control

Intimacy in a relationship should be about and include sharing, and being physically and emotionally close.

Empathy requires the couple to be in sync with each other, and be able to experience or understand what each other needs and wants.

Respect is not given by a narcissistic woman. This woman treats her husband or boyfriend as objects or possessions. She does not consider that his feelings or needs are nearly as important as hers. In other words, she does not respect you.

Empathy is not a quality found in an emotionally abusive woman. She cares nothing about anyone’s viewpoint, except than her own. She refuses to feel vulnerable, and cannot or will not tolerate emotional or psychological intimacy. However, she can tolerate some physical intimacy, as long as it does not require respect. She might engage in hyper-sexuality or avoid sex altogether.

Intimacy means sharing good qualities, as well as exposing faults and insecurities. Intimacy is not something this type of woman will never do. She will constantly push your buttons in order to keep her vulnerabilities from being exposured. And, you wind up feeling unsafe and guarded.

Why would this woman be in a relationship, if she does not trust, respect, or love you?

You are her normalcy prop. Involvement in a committed relationship or marriage provides her a “normal” appearance in the eyes of others. And, your role is to maintain her false self. For instance, “Look everyone. This man wants me, there’s nothing wrong with me, and I’m normal.”

Narcissistic women cannot exist without attention. Good or bad attention; it doesn’t matter. She ‘likes’ the idea of having a relationship, but the reality frustrates and disappoints her because you’re not ‘perfect’ or ‘good enough’ for her. Many times, she will resent you, and the abuse and rage begin.

She’ll play the role of a martyr to the hilt. She’ll profess her love for you one moment, and cut you to shreds and shut you out of her life the next. A satisfying emotional and physical connection cannot survive with someone who does not like you, and views you as a disappointment.

It’s all about control and boosting her ego.

To narcissistic women, sex is not about expressing love, lust, intimacy, passion or mutual pleasure. Narcissistic women use sex as a way to lure you into the relationship. Once she is confident that she’s hooked you, sex becomes one of the tools to control you. She may lavish you with sex, or withhold sex from you.

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