How Narcissistic Women Screw Men/Women with Sex and Control

Insatiable Sexual Performance

Sex begins with a “bang!” It will be intense and exciting – but, deceiving. The sex is a symptom of the severity of her course of action. What will seem like intense passion to you, is only her intense need to control and dominate you into submission. It’s all about controlling you, not pleasing you.

The Lure

A narcissistic women will lure you into a relationship with unspoken promises of passionate sex. But, the conditions of fulfilling this promise is only if you ‘prove’ yourself and if she ‘feels’ she can trust you. A psychopathic swindler promises something they have no intention of providing. But, a narcissistic woman uses seductive ploys and promises unclearly stated.

The passionate sex never materializes, and you will be required to continue proving that you are worthy of her. Nothing is ever enough for this type of woman. You’ll never be ‘nice’ enough, ‘do’ enough, or be able meet any of her changing rules. And, she’ll never be required to ‘reward’ you with sex. Sex is an obligation or favor to narcissist women, and sex becomes infrequent and a reluctant chore.

Transactional Relationship

The relationship is more like a contract. She will require you ‘give’ something in order to ‘get’ something from her. For instance, if you want to have sex, then you will have to provide her with something she wants, or behave however she needs you to appear.

A narcissistic woman always has an agenda, and does not do anything without a reason. It’s a transaction, like, ‘you owe me because I let you have sex with me. I did my duty, so now you will pay me in return by giving me whatever I want.’

Many men are grateful for just a bit of affection, they learn to ignore the mechanical or disinterested way their partner responds to sex. You are either an object, a human vibrator, or something to make her feel like she’s still got it.

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