How Narcissistic Women Screw Men/Women with Sex and Control

Shame and Sex

Sometimes, this type of woman increases her control by combining sex with shame. She may label you as being ‘sick’ or ‘abnormal’ for wanting sex. You may hear statements like, ‘you’re a pervert,’ ‘all you want is sex,’ or ‘you’re a sex addict.’ Shaming you for natural desires is abusive and hurtful.

The narcissistic woman has sex only when she wants it, and many times this is after she beats you down, and you no longer have an interest in being near her. If you tell her you’re not in the mood, she will accuse you of infidelity, or of not loving her, and on and on.

Sex is only about what she needs at the moment. It has nothing to do with your needs. You are nothing more than an object who exists to service her whims and insecurities.

Screwed, but not enjoyed.

Narcissistic women, usually, are not good lovers. No doubt, she may have mastered many sexual techniques, but sex is an act of true intimacy. If you see sex as an expression of love, playfulness, desire and tenderness, sex with a narcissistic woman will never be enough.

Do you think your relationship is okay because the sex is great (that is, when you’re lucky enough to get laid)? Think again! Is the sex really that great, or is it preventing you the ability to recognize your abuse?

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