Fibromyalgia may cause pregnancy complications and infertility

Fibromyalgia may cause pregnancy complications and infertility, studies found. A condition characterized by widespread pain, fibromyalgia can make daily tasks difficult to perform. Fibromyalgia is highly associated with stress, which can be worsened when pregnancy is thrown into the mix – not to mention changing hormone levels typical for this period in a woman’s life cycle.

One retrospective cohort study looked at women with and without fibromyalgia. Deliveries of 112 pregnancies in fibromyalgia patients were compared to 487 deliveries in women without fibromyalgia.

Women with fibromyalgia had higher rates of intrauterine growth restriction, recurrent abortions, gestational diabetes, and polyhydramnios. Rates of cesarean delivery were not significantly different between fibromyalgia patients and women without fibromyalgia.

The researchers concluded that fibromyalgia is an independent risk factor for intrauterine growth restriction. Nevertheless, fibromyalgia patients had lower preterm deliveries.

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