Fibromyalgia may cause pregnancy complications and infertility

  • Educate yourself prior to becoming pregnant, especially with regards to your medications.
  • Be at your best mental and physical state at the start of your pregnancy, as pregnancy can take a heavy toll on your body.
  • Educate family and friends about fatigue and pregnancy in fibromyalgia, so they are understanding of your condition and lend a helping hand.
  • Manage pain and fatigue as you always would, but ensure you do have the green light from your doctors. It is not recommended that you take long, hot baths while pregnant, for example, so speak to your doctor about other natural remedies you can resort to.
  • Get additional help during the postpartum stage.
  • Be more active, as living a sedentary lifestyle can contribute to muscular atrophy, which can worsen fibromyalgia symptoms.
  • Pace yourself – even if you are feeling well, overworking yourself can leave you feeling way below your best the next day.

By working closely with your doctor, you can have a successful pregnancy – even with fibromyalgia.

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