Eight Coping Strategies for Life with a Narcissist

hether or not you are actually living with a narcissist you need to develop some coping strategies to keep you from melting down when you have to deal with him.

One: Narcissists Don’t Choose Losers

When you have been in a relationship with a narcissist for any length of time you begin to wonder why the narcissist chose such a loser. After all, he is intelligent, charming, brilliant, and popular and you?

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Well, here’s a secret that your narcissistic spouse does not want you to know. Narcissists don’t choose losers are victims, they commonly choose only the best and the brightest. You see, the narcissist wins by taking a person who is confident, attractive, and successful and tearing them down over a period of time. There’s no challenge in a needy person.

An intelligent, beautiful woman goes along with what the narcissist sees as being a necessary part of his life. You are a trophy for him to hang on his wall. He’ll always go after someone who is better educated, has a higher social status, makes more money, or is attractive enough to get him noticed. It’s even better if she is all of those things in one package.

So, oddly enough the mere fact that you’ve caught the attention of a narcissist attests to your above average abilities.


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